Some Deliveries Charging More For Fuel Expense

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- If you want it delivered expect to pay more. These days some packaging companies, pizza restaurants, florists and others are having to off set the high cost of gas by charging extra for deliveries.

"We normally do about 30 to 35 deliveries on a week day," said pharmacist David Lawrence.

Lawrence says as gas prices have risen, so has the popularity of French Drug Company's delivery service. However, the gas money the customers saved became a huge expense for his business.

"It was something that we were not able to absorb because about 90 percent of our business is third party," said Lawrence. "We have no way of transferring that cost to those accounts."

A year ago, the Gulfport pharmacy added a $2 delivery surcharge.

"It is not something that we're trying to make money off of," said Lawrence. "It's just something that we're trying to maintain the service."

Business owner William Brewer said, "Here recently, it's been escalating too high, too fast."

Escalating gas prices have his Gulfport shop, Cardinal Flowers, looking for ways to make the most of a tank of gas.

"We try to make sure we're not leaving the store with less than five arrangements on the truck at a time," said Brewer.

In January, the price of deliveries was about $8. Not anymore.

"We did go up on our delivery charge to $11 and that was right at Valentine's Day," Brewer said. "Now we're looking possibly going up to $12 if it escalates any higher because we're experiencing a rise in cost, not only in our gasoline, but the cost of gas and fuel to get our flowers from Miami or California."

"We use Fed Ex and we use airplanes to get flowers in here, so therefore our costs are rising all the way around."

Brewer also owns an eatery. He says some of his food suppliers have cut back deliveries from five times to once a week because of fuel costs.