Unions, Doctors Rally For Tort Reform

If you get sick and need a doctor, your choices could become limited here on the coast, and throughout the state. That was the message of a rally held today in Moss Point. Local unions leaders, doctors, and others in the community came together to discuss the need for healthcare reform in order to keep doctors here in Mississippi. "We're here to get the word out and let people know that there's a crisis in this state that's directly impacting the people," says union leader "Chico" McGill. Doctor Mark Lyell says he wants people to understand that the main concern is the lack of malpractice insurance. Without it, they are not able to do their jobs, but more and more doctors are loosing their coverage because of lawsuits. "Prior to a few months ago, there were five practicing neuro surgeons on the coast, within in the next month, there will be two taking emergency room call. We're not trying to take away anyone's right to sue. What we're looking for are caps on runaway verdicts," says Lyell. Dozens of people stood and listened to the reasons why doctors are being run out of the state. For many it was an eye opening experience. "Yea it scares me pretty bad because we not going to have no doctors. If they all leave...and they need to keep the doctors here," says Essie May Ezell. Organizers say it's going to take community involvement to turn around the healthcare crisis.