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Stop Police Secrecy, Use Media Outlets To Warn Public

Something troubling happened this week involving the Waveland Police Department.

On April 28th, a man with a knife attacked a woman. She suffered a cut to the throat and other injuries.

Four days later, another woman was attacked by a man with a knife, suffering minor injuries.

But no information was released about the attacks until more than a week later. Police officials said they didn't release any information because they were hoping to catch the suspects before they attacked again.

That was a stunningly bad decision. Think about it, two knife wielding criminals were loose on the streets of Waveland, but no one knew about it.

They were out there, possibly ready to strike again. And it might not have ended as well as the first two attacks.

The police should have immediately released information about the attackers, complete with a warning to unsuspecting women, and a physical description of the assailants.

This form of police state secrecy is unacceptable. By not saying anything, the Waveland Police Department failed to protect the public it is sworn to serve.

We strongly recommend a change of policy in matters such as these, and hope such secrecy never happens again. If it does, the end result could be deadly.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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