D-Day Veterans Reunite In Biloxi

The men of E-Company of the 506th Regiment of the renowned 101st Airborne Division still have vivid memories of D-Day and the months of fighting afterward. Twenty-four men have come from across the country for this reunion. There were 150 men in E-Company. Fifty-one were killed in Europe.

"I have some very close friends," said D-Day veteran Paul Rogers. "I lost some, but it was something about it, we just banded together like brothers. That's all I can tell you, it's a good feeling."

In 19-88, author Steven Ambrose picked up on the unique bond these men share and decided to write about the diverse group who banded together to help win a war. The book is called Band of Brothers. Many of the men credit others in the group for saving their lives. Others say the bond between these 'brothers' was formed much earlier.

"You didn't know how any one of the men would react when they're getting shot at and that's when your bond forms and to be truthful, I think most of us were scared to death," said D-Day veteran William Guarnere.

The 'band of brothers' say they are excited to see the opening of the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Many of these veterans say the museum is an important part of American history.

"When we go in a few years, who's gonna be here to tell them," said Guarnere. "We hope they understand what we done."

The men from E-Company will be in a parade on Tuesday celebrating the opening of the D-Day Museum. You can also expect to see the men in the HBO miniseries which will feature interviews with some of them. The HBO crew was in Biloxi Saturday following E-Company during their reunion. Executive Producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks started working on the project nearly two years ago. The miniseries will include actors portraying the men during the war and it will weave in current day interviews and video. HBO producers say the 10-part miniseries will air in June 2001.