Army Reserve Units Puts Its Drivers To The Test

You could tell by the way Sgt. Walter Cummings walked toward his military truck that he was on a mission.

"I want to take all the trophies," Sgt. Cummings said. "So I'm going to jump in this truck and I'm going to do my best."

Cummings is a driver with the 81st Regional Support Command. The Alabama Army Reserve unit came to Gulfport's Seabee base and put its best drivers through a rigorous road test.

Chief Phil Robertson set up the rodeo obstacle course.

"Each one of these events is designed to simulate something they would encounter out driving on the road," he said.

In this case, drivers had to pick up a cargo container and load it onto a flatbed. Points were deducted every time a driver did something wrong.

Maj. Tommy Zadick is a spokesman for the unit. He said the training test "sets a tone, sets a precedent for their monthly drills so they can be prepared to maintain equipment, drive on the equipment."

After Sgt. Cummings finished his trip through the driving course, he graded his performance. "I give myself an A+. I'm looking at the trophy table now and I'm smiling," he said.

The 81st Regional Support Command hands out its best of the best trophies on Saturday night.