Saucier Mother Works To Slow Down Speeders

SAUCIER (WLOX) -- Every year there are thousands of car wrecks across the state and many of them are due to speeding. One South Mississippi woman says she's fed up with fast drivers, so she's getting the law to help her slow down speeders.

"It doesn't matter how fast you go. If you are going to get there two minutes earlier, it doesn't matter. Why are you going that fast," says Mindy King.

The Saucier mother lives on Saucier-Lizana Road.

Not only does she drive along the busy highway, but either she or her 13-year-old daughter have to cross the road to check the mail. A task that's simple for most, but for this mother, it can be a matter of life or death.

"We look both ways and before you cross you better look back again, because somebody could be right on you. If my daughter crosses by herself, I stand at the door and watch to make sure she's okay," King said.

The speed limit on Saucier Lizana Road is only 40 miles per hour but King says people are going well over that. That's why we brought our own speed tracking device to see exactly how fast people are driving.

We caught several people going about 60 miles an hour, way too fast on the two lane residential road.

That's why King is calling on the Harrison County Sheriff's Department to help.

"If we actually see someone speeding, we can actually get behind them and pace them to tell that they are speeding," said Captain Patrick Coleman.

Cpt. Coleman says this year, there have been three wrecks, two speeding citations, two DUI arrests and nine careless or wreckless driving citations on Saucier Lizana Road.

However, thanks to King's persistence, he will increase patrols in hopes of slowing down speeders.

"If you are speeding on the road here and we get a complaint or if the officer sees you, you will get ticketed," Coleman said.

In addition to increased patrols, Harrison County Sheriff's will also make Saucier-Lizana Road a part of its click-it-or ticket program.