Drug Court Conference Meets In Biloxi

BILOXI (WLOX) -- Hundreds of people who help run Mississippi's 26 drug courts are in Biloxi for a conference this week. Officials say this is a chance for judges, police officers, treatment providers and others to learn about their roles in combating drug abuse.

Among the speakers is the country's former National Drug Policy Director.

"Parents, school teachers, others have a responsibility to talk to their own children from the eighth grade through twelfth grade and say, 'Look, stay away from this stuff. It's poison.' We've also got to deal with the reality of life. And the reality is probably some five, six percent of the population are in absolute chaotic miserable lives and they're affecting you and I as their relatives, as their employers, and the law enforcement, medical communities. We've got to do drug treatment," Barry McCaffrey said.

McCaffrey says 16 million Americans chronically abuse alcohol or illegal drugs.