Lott Deflects Criticism Of Cruise Ship Project

An article in the New York Times this week criticizes the unfinished cruise ship that still sits in the shipyard at Pascagoula.

Work on the ship was put on hold last fall when American Classic Voyages filed for bankruptcy. The newspaper article refers to the ship as "an off-course USS Pork."

Sen. Trent Lott says the project would have provided much needed jobs and a boost to the ship building business. He's still hoping to find a buyer for the unfinished vessel.

"I have looked, along with others, at ways to make use of the money and the investment that's already gone into the hull of that ship, got the Navy to take a look at it to see if they had some use for it," Sen. Lott said. "We're hoping some other cruise line will come in and realize that there's got to be some value here."

Sen. Lott brushed off criticism of the project, saying "if the New York Times is critical of something in Mississippi, we're probably doing something right."