Chaotic Triple Murder And Suicide Stun Saucier

Stacy Lee, 19 (MySpace photo)
Stacy Lee, 19 (MySpace photo)
James Glass, 19 (MySpace photo)
James Glass, 19 (MySpace photo)
Sherry Lee, 17 (Photo courtesy Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Sherry Lee, 17 (Photo courtesy Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Walter Ferri, 50 (Photo courtesy Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Walter Ferri, 50 (Photo courtesy Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

SAUCIER (WLOX) -- A Harrison Central High School student, and two teens who planned on getting married all died when a flurry of gunshots rang through their home. Their killer was 50-year-old Walter Ferri. Investigators say the girls' stepfather turned an apparent fight with his wife into a deadly shooting spree.

His victims were teenage sisters Sherry and Stacy Lee, and 19-year-old James Glass.

Authorities say they found no drugs and no alcohol at the Andre Drive home. So what they're going on right now is a 911 call, and a statement from the shooter's wife, that both implied Mr. Ferri was wielding guns at 3:22 Tuesday morning, before he fatally shot three teens, and then himself.

As the coroner and funeral home staff lifted a stretcher carrying one of the shooting victims off a porch, Debbie Rosner shook her head in disbelief. "Right across the street. Ugh," the Harrison County woman said.

Just feet from her home, a triple murder shocked the community. "It's the worst crime scene I've seen in years," Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara said.

Inside the home on Andre Drive in northwest Harrison County were four bodies, and so many unanswered questions.

"It started out as a domestic," the sheriff confirmed. "The actual reasons I really don't know at this time."

Investigators first became aware of trouble at that address from a 911 call.

"A female called saying that her dad had a gun on her mom," said the sheriff.

Twelve minutes later, five deputies arrived, unaware that a 19-year-old and two teenage sisters had already been shot multiple times.

Gary Hargrove is Harrison County's coroner.

"There were at least seven gunshots fired in that residence that I know of for sure right now. And maybe more than that," he said.

Investigators said they found the sisters bodies huddled together in a bathroom, as they apparently tried to protect each other from their stepdad's onslaught.

"One sister was laying up against the bathtub. And the other sister was laying on top of her," said Hargrove.

Once authorities made contact with Ferri, they found out the 50-year-old gunman had both a revolver and a shotgun at his disposal. For the next one hour and six minutes, deputies tried to negotiate with himi, hoping to safely get him out of the trailer. But, at 4:40 a.m., after an order was issued for Ferri to leave the house with his hands up, the gunman said, "No, I'm going to kill myself."

Suddenly, one more gunshot echoed through the quiet, Flushing Meadows subdivision. Ferri had taken his own life.

"There is never a good thing about this," Hargrove said. "But the fact that he didn't shoot on our officers when they responded to the scene was a good thing."

Thanks to MySpace profiles WLOX News found online, we were able to learn a bit more about two of the murder victims. Stacy was 19.  She worked at the Wiggins Wal Mart. She considered herself cooky and wacky. And she was so happy about her recent engagement.

Her fiancee James called himself an eccentric blue eyed southern guy. He worked for Able Air Conditioning, Heating and Electrical Contractors in Long Beach. His boss told WLOX News he was stunned to hear about the triple murder, especially since just days ago, Glass announced he and Stacy were going to become parents.