Earthbox Gives Everyone A Green Thumb

The Earthbox is a great solution if your garden is small or you have problems with bacterial wilt in your lawn soil and you'd like to grow some herbs and vegetables.

The components of an Earthbox kit are very limited: a box, a grid and a tube that goes right inside the box to water.

The next step is to choose what plants you'd like to put in your Earthbox. A box this size holds about two tomatoes or eight herbs. Then you fill the box with a potting media that has a good mix of peat and perlite.

The next step is to fertilize. A good triple-13 would work. That's 13 percent nitrogen, 13 percent phosphorous, and 13 percent potassium.

Just pour a couple of cups of your triple-13 right across the top of the soil surface. You won't need to fertilize again for the rest of the season.

The next step is very simple. The kits comes with a plastic cover. This keeps moisture in and keeps the soil moist and warm. Once you've chosen your herbs, cut small slits across the box. Then all you have to do is pop your herb right in the hole.

The last step is to water your Earthbox. You'll only have to water through the tube in the corner and water until it runs out the hole in the back. Just water your Earthbox every couple of days and you'll have a beautiful herb garden.

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