Waveland Teams With Main Street To Rebuild Coleman Ave.

WAVELAND (WLOX) -- One South Mississippi city is getting the help of a statewide organization in its downtown rebuilding efforts. The city of Waveland is teaming up with the Mississippi Main Street Association to rebuild Coleman Avenue.

"It has a long history and it's certainly a part of the heart and soul of this community," said  Charlie Cornelius with the Waveland Community Coalition.

The coalition is just one organization pushing to get residents involved in rebuilding the downtown district.

"Government is doing the best that it can. Citizens also have the ability to leverage themselves into this effort, and this is the vehicle by which we can do it," Cornelius said.

It's an effort that now includes the Mississippi Main Street Association.

"Main Street is all about a community working together and taking ownership of the process together, so we wanted everyone involved from the very beginning," said Stacey Pair, President of Mississippi Main Street.

The association will help the city finalize plans for Coleman Avenue. It will also open doors for more funding and a team of expert design professionals who will preserve the uniqueness of Coleman Avenue.

It's something that long-time resident and business owner Kathy Pinn can appreciate.

"We're not the pretty little perfect little town. The buildings are gone, some of the people are gone and the vision has gotten blurred, but maybe through the Mississippi Main Street process we can come up again with our vision of what Coleman Avenue will be," Pinn said.

Mayor Tommy Longo says the city is now waiting on CDBG funds and money from the Department of Transportation, which could be here as early as this week. Then it won't be long before the people of Waveland start seeing a new, yet familiar downtown district.