Oklahoma Mother On A Caravan To Catch A Killer

BILOXI (WLOX) -- It's the place Maggie Zingman says she and her daughter loved and spent some of their best times, the beach.

"When I first drove into Biloxi today(Sunday), I just started crying because I thought she's probably looking out from my car or I wish she was, just loving it, saying when are we going to get to the beach," says Maggie Zingman.

Memories are what Zingman holds on to as she continues the search for the person who killed her daughter, Brittany Phillips.  Four years ago, Phillips was raped and suffocated in the middle of night in her apartment.  Zingman buried her daughter on her 19th birthday. Despite the grief she feels years later, Zingman says this case has moved beyond her and her daughter.

"It really isn't just about her.  We've got to catch this man before another daughter dies," says Zingman.

Her message is hard to miss.  She traveled thousands of miles in what she calls a Caravan to Catch a Killer.  It's a Rav-4 wrapped with pictures of her daughter and information about her murder.  She makes the trips across the country in hopes of stopping another family's pain before it can begin.

"We've ruled out over 1300 people with our DNA analysis, so there's a good chance this killer's gone on.  Part of what motivates me is getting out there and telling this story so people can think about it or send us tips or they can also talk to their children, especially daughters and make sure they're protecting themselves," says Zingman.

Zingman says detectives on the case have DNA evidence from the crime scene but have been unable to match it with any criminal offenders.  For Zingman, the search will continue, but on this day, she plans to set aside some time to spend a few moments at the place she and her daughter felt most at home.

"I'm probably going to be walking on it (the beach) tonight and setting a candle out on the water.  I usually do it whenever I'm near the beach just hoping somewhere she sees it."

For now, she sets a little angel to float in the Gulf hoping the mystery of her little angel will one day be put to rest.

Zingman says detectives in the case say the evidence suggest this could be the work of a serial killer.

In addition to continuing her search, Zingman is also working to get rape laws changed to toughen penalties. She's also working to speed up the time DNA can be analyzed and placed in national registers.

If you have any tips on the case, you can call 918-596-9141.  There is reward money for information leading to an arrest.

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