Sons Head To Work With Their Dads At DuPont Plant

It was a rare opportunity for kids not only see what their dads do for a living, but it was also a chance to operate some of the high-tech equipment they use on the job.

Some of the students had fun with a fiber optic camera that's normally used to inspect pipes at the plant. Instead of inspecting pipes, they had fun taking a look at the insides of their mouths.

For many of the sons, being inside DuPont's chemical lab was like being back in their school's science lab. They learned how chemicals are mixed to make the product the plant produces, and how safety is a major priority.

"They'll get to see that what we do here," program coordinator Joan Alford said. "Today is actually what their doing now and that the education they get now will be of important in their future.

Take Your Sons To Work Day has been held at DuPont for the past nine years. The hope is that the kids will become inspired to follow in their dads' foot steps.

"I like the stuff that he does it seems pretty cool," Hancock North Central student Chris Borecki said.

That made his dad, Hank Borecki, pretty happy.

"He's pretty interested in what I do. He had a general idea of what I do, but now he's on plant and able to see. He's got a better idea showing more interest. He's going to start asking more questions."

"When I grow up I want to be a chemical engineer, and this looks like a good place I can work in."

It's comments like that, that let plant leaders know "Take Your Sons To Work Day" has been a big success.

DuPont also hosts a "Take Your Daughters To Work Day". That's held in April.

By Al Showers