Hatten's Neighbor Charged With Capital Murder

Image courtesy Stone Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Image courtesy Stone Co. Sheriff's Dept.

STONE COUNTY (WLOX) -- Authorities believe they've found the killer of former Stone County Supervisor Duncan Hatten.

Sheriff Mike Farmer says the neighbor, suspected of the killing, was arrested Thursday. Bobby Hendrix is charged with capital murder.

Hatten, 64, was shot early Tuesday. Investigators believe the killer used Hatten's own gun.

Deputies searched the mobile home where Hendrix lived after police dogs led them to his door. Officers got a search warrant and scoured the place.

They found a bloody t-shirt in the washing machine that someone had tried to clean. When police questioned Hendrix about the stained shirt he claimed he'd been cock-fighting and the blood came from the chickens.

Police questioned Hendrix the day Hatten was killed, but had to release him until the blood tests results were confirmed.

The investigation continues.