Off The Air With Brad Kessie wants you to get to know the people you invite into your home everyday to give you The News for South Mississippi. That's why we created Off The Air. It's a series of Q & A sessions with the people of WLOX News. Off The Air isn't just a biography. It's just your chance to learn more about our on-air personalities.

The subject of the very first Off The Air profile is Chicago native Brad Kessie.

What is your favorite ballpark in Chicago?

BK: Wrigley Field.


BK: Wrigley Field is baseball. It’s green grass. It’s ivy. It’s the bleachers where I sit all the time.

Right field? Left Field?

BK: Usually, I sit in right center.

Your favorite team?

BK: That would be the Cubs because I'm a loser. (Laughs) You gotta’ support the losers!

Ever been to the top of the Sears Tower?

BK: I’ve never been to the top of the Sears Tower.

Ever been to the top of the Biloxi Lighthouse?

BK: I’ve never been to the top of the Biloxi Lighthouse.

We see you occasionally at Sea Wolves games, and we know you've coached kids in hockey. Here's an off the wall question: How is the news business like hockey?

BK: There’s pressure… deadline pressure. They have to score in x number of minutes. I have to get my story done in x number of minutes. There’s finality, and the body checks you see on the ice are just like the body checks you see in the newsroom when the reporters go after each other.

Sometimes you can see those in the background during the news if you look closely.

BK: (Laughs)

If you could coach the Bears for a season, what would you do?

BK: Not win the Superbowl! (laughs) I would make them losers. I mean, I couldn’t coach the Bears. That’s a great question.

Come on, every sports fan has opinions on how they would coach a team.

BK: If I coached the Bears what would I do? I would open up the offense more. But my knowledge of football is so limited in terms of x’s and o’s that they would lose.

Have any Chicago records?

BK: Yea. I have a greatest hits, and I have the one with 25 or 6 to 4.

Ever been shopping on the Miracle Mile?

BK: Yea.


What'd you buy?

BK: I went window shopping. I don’t think I ever bought anything.  I've been to FAO Schwartz (toy store) and almost bought one of those balls that stretches out. I should have bought it because my nephew wants one.

What's the best place for Chicago pizza?

BK: Dues. You got Uno and you got Dues in Chicago.

What's the best local place for Chicago style pizza?

BK: Nothing. I eat New York Pizza in Biloxi.


BK: I go to Brooklyn Pizzeria.

That's in Gulfport.

BK: Yea, sorry.


You're the casino reporter for WLOX News. How much have you lost at one time?

BK: I've never lost more than a hundred dollars at one time at a casino, but I don't play anymore.

 How much have you won?

BK: Not much. One time in Vegas I think I walked away maybe $50 or $60 ahead, but have I emphasized that I really don't play anymore ? (laughs)

Which sports channel do you prefer – Fox Sportsnet or ESPN?

BK: ESPN. They're the bomb!

What station is your car radio tuned to at this second?

BK: At this very second my car radio is on ESPN radio 1490 am.

That's the old WLOX Radio frequency.

BK: Yea, once upon at time.

When you were young you played little league sports. What positions did you play?

BK: I was a first baseman, a pitcher, and an outfielder. I was a guard in basketball. In baseball I was on the Eagles. I was on the Reds. I was on the Cubs. I was on the Blues.

Sounds like you were traded a lot!

BK: No, just different teams over the years.

What did you learn from your 6the grade English teacher?

BK: How to conjugate a verb, probably. (He recites a verb song that would make an English teacher proud) Everything off of “to be.” That’s what I learned in 6th grade. Memorized it.

We're going to be interviewing your colleagues for this weekly feature. Is there something you'd like to know about any of them?

BK: Yea. Jeff Lawson. Two questions. Why does he keep lists for everything he does? And based on that, how much money has he won from his colleagues on the golf course? I'll bet he could tell you because he writes everything down.

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