Cigarette Butts Litter South Mississippi

Recently WLOX and the Sun Herald employees cleaned up Debuys Road.  Cigarette butts topped the list of the trash we picked up the most.

Environmental watchdog groups say that is true, they are the number one item littered throughout our country. Trillions of cigarette butts end up as litter each year.  And contrary to popular belief, the butt of a cigarette is not biodegradable.

Environmentalists say it takes decades to break down and in the process chemicals are released that damage our environment. In addition, wildlife often mistake discarded cigarette filters as food.

Maybe those of you who flick your butts out car windows and onto the ground haven't really thought about what you are doing and the consequences to us all.  We ask that you start thinking.

A cigarette butt is litter just like an empty bottle, candy wrapper or fast food bag. It should not be flicked on the ground. It should be thrown away in an ash tray or trash can.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager