Students Return From Oceanography Course

Twelve coast students got back on land Tuesday after a unique oceanography course.

It took place aboard the USNS Mary Sears survey ship. The ship is less than six months old and allows students to apply science and math to real world experiments.

The students worked with scientists on lessons in sonar mapping, acoustics, meteorology, and many others. The expedition is designed to get students interested in the field.

"I will consider this when I go out into the real world, it seems like it would be a interesting field of study," Harrison Central High School student Nick Kollath said.

"It kind of opened my eyes to how they do different things," Long Beach High student Jennifer Lane said. "I got a little taste of marine biology. I also got a chance to taste other things like acoustics, how sound is used in navigation."

"You learn about it in school but its not the same as when you get out here and do it for real life. Its like you got to take the job that you wanted. It really opened up a lot of opportunity to see what the job is like and if you really want to do this for a living," Slidell student Elin Sandy said.

Capt. Philip Renaud of the Mary Sears says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these students. There are just a few ships like this in the world.