Congressman Taylor Addresses Economic, Fuel Woes At Town Meeting

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- The rising cost of fuel and other economic woes the nation is facing dominated discussion at a town meeting held by Congressman Gene Taylor Monday night.

"I want to know why it is that we can't drill that oil?" asked one resident.

The high cost of fuel and its effects on everyday living was the most talked about issue at the meeting. Congressman Gene Taylor listened to residents' complaints, but did not offer false hope.

"I don't see any relief on the horizon. We're in a bidding war for a limited resource. The Chinese are bidding for this resource. The Indians are bidding for that resource. The Europeans are bidding for it. As long as people are willing to pay these kind of prices, the prices will stay high," Congressman Taylor said.

Taylor also addressed the upcoming hurricane season, which is only a month away.

"I do think we're better prepared. Number one, we have the learning experience from last time. Most of the Mississippi National Guard are home at the moment, thank goodness. They were not here for Katrina. Over half of them were over in Iraq," Congressman Taylor said.

Congressman Taylor says a major part of the coast's ongoing recovery hinges on the nation's lawmakers passing the multiperils insurance bill.

"Everyone in coastal America is hammered by the insurance rates. It's already passed the House. It's in the Senate, but we're going to need every Mississippian, every volunteer who's down here helping, we need them to contact their senators and get this through the U.S. Senate," Congressman Taylor said.