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Wood Carvings Attracting Attention Along Highway 90

BILOXI (WLOX) -- It is the most visible public artwork along the coast. Storm damaged trees along the Highway 90 medians have been transformed.

Artist have created a still life menagerie of coastal wildlife.

"It takes a lot of talent to do something like that. So, I hope they last," said Wisconsin visitor Carl Weis.

He's staying at a Biloxi hotel that happens to be right across from the largest collection of animal carvings. Weis joined the growing number of visitors who've taken pictures of the woodwork.

"They are very picturesque and I hope they last forever. Because you see the different birds that are here and the fish. It's enjoyable to look at," he said.

These unique pieces of public art are also symbols of storm recovery.

"An interesting way to take advantage of a disastrous situation," said visitor Ralph Bergman.

He too thinks the artwork is impressive.

"Beautiful work. It takes not only an inherited capability, but one that's cultivated as well. Any artist knows that," he says.

"They're just a really unique piece of art," said the director of the Biloxi Seafood museum.

Robin Krohn-David says the carved animal figures should leave visitors with a positive impression. She's also pleased to see the carvings seem to be following a marine life theme.

"It just fits in. Especially with our schooners. Watching the schooners sail down the channel and then getting to see these unique, a lot of the sea life, a lot of our birds that are unique to our area, right there in the medians."

The artistic carvers are planning even more median sculptures. Dead trees have already been marked to become future art attractions.

Two artists have done most of the tree carving along Highway 90. Dayton Scoggins from Heidelberg, Mississippi and Marlin Miller from Fort Walton Beach, Florida created most of the carvings.

By Steve Phillips

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