RVers Talk About High Fuel Costs, Travel Plans

BILOXI (WLOX) -- "The guys like to fish. We like to gamble," said Robin Nowling.

Nowling and her female traveling companions like to take their chances at the coast's casinos. But she and fellow RVers say, these days, the price of gas is just as unpredictable as the slot machines and table games they play.

"Every day you can walk by and the price will change whenever you go by. And you're like, 'Oh, gosh, let's go to the next station and hope they haven't changed it.' But it's really bad. But I guess it could be worse," she said.

Nowling says the rising cost of fuel has only put a small dent in her and her husband's travel plans.

"It hasn't affected us a whole lot. We tend to go on shorter trips, but we still try to plan a few long trips during the year. But we'll go a whole lot to local campgrounds and stuff to just get out and get away. But as far as slowing down, it's not going to slow us down. Otherwise, we'd have to sell them. There's no use in not having them because we enjoy them so much," Nowling said.

With a 100-gallon tank, it takes her brother-in-law, Jack Nowling, more than $400 fill up.

"It slows us down a little bit, but it doesn't stop us. I don't see why diesel has to be so high, but I'm not in charge of the country," Jack Nowling said.

Jack's not in charge of the country, but he is in charge of the RV he, his wife and dog travel the country in. He says he refuses to let the high cost of fuel keep him from enjoying the best years of his life.

"I have to work out of mine. And then all of our vacations, we go in it. When I go back to North Carolina to visit my people where I'm from, I take it. I just run it. If you've got it, use it," he said.