Convenience Store Clerk Recounts Armed Robbery

Cindie Glassberg still shakes when she shares the story.

Her overnight shift at the Majik Market on Railroad Street and Valentine Drive started as just another work night. It ended with the Long Beach woman fearing for her life early Saturday.

Customers sometimes asked Glassberg if she ever worried about being robbed while working the overnight shift alone. She never gave it much thought. That is until a lone customer came in asking for a pack of cigarettes, with something else in mind.

She's replayed the robbery in her mind countless times since it happened.

Cindie Glassberg was working overnights at this Majik Market. A lone customer was asking for a pack of Winstons. But the routine cigarette purchase suddenly took a dangerous turn when he pulled a gun.

"He pointed it at me. I was standing right behind the counter. And he went like this. He had the towel right here and was holding onto the towel so nobody would see it," Glassberg said.

The brief encounter at the convenience store seemed to last forever. Facing the gun, the clerk could only think of family.

"I was thinking about my little girl. What's going to happen to her if I die, you know. That trigger being pulled. It just kind of freaked me out," she explained.

She handed over the cash and watched the robber flee. The frightened clerk then called for help.

"I just stood there in shock and then I called police, Long Beach police, and told them what happened. And they came, they were out there within seconds," she said.

Before Saturday morning, Cindy Glassberg gave little thought to the potential danger of a convenience store clerk working the overnight shift alone. After all, before this job she'd worked at a Gulfport convenience store for six months without any problems.

Cindie Glassberg is taking a little time off while she settles her nerves. She'll be looking for a new job soon. But it won't be a convenience store.

"Somewhere more safe. Not at nights by yourself, secluded," she said.