Biloxi Mother, Iraq War Veteran Featured In National Magazine

BILOXI (WLOX) -- "I didn't know what was going on with me at first. I literally thought I was going crazy," said disabled Iraq War veteran Naomi Kraima.

Kraima is describing the onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While deployed to Iraq, Kraima's convoy was attacked, a friend was killed and another badly injured. The single mother of three is now medically retired and also suffering from physical disabilities. But, despite her setbacks, Kraima says she's dealing with the disorder head-on.

"To cope with it better, you have to be able to speak about it and process it. I want other veterans or other children who are going through it to say, 'Oh, I'm not alone.'"

All You, a national women's magazine asked Kraima to share her story.  But Kraima says the story is also about her children and other children whose parents suffer from PTSD.

"There's stuff out there for children while the soldier's gone, but they don't really address anything for the children once they get back," Kraima said.

Kraima says camp COPE out of Fort Hood, Texas is one of the only camp programs she knows of focused on helping children after parents with PTSD return.  Her daughters say it was a memorable experience.

"It was nice to go to camp COPE, because I met other friends who felt the same way I did," said daughter Carmen O'Farrell.

"When we went there it was just like, 'Yeah that's what happens to my parent, and my parent, and my parent,'" said daughter Sabrine Kraima.

Kraima says she will continue working and supporting the cause to establish more programs of this nature.

Her children also have some advice for other kids in similar situations.

"Be brave and just hang on in there. Write about it or just go to God about it and talk to Him," O'Farrell said.

"Just love them, support them and keep on encouraging them," said Sabrine Kraima.

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