Business Good At Bay Tower Hotel

"The first 30 days have been wonderful...occupancy has been great. Everything's been going wonderful...according to projection and I couldn't be happier," said John Chaszar, Director of Hotel Operations at Casino Magic Bay St. Louis.

Other hotel operators in the Bay say they are pretty happy too, even with more competition.

"It has not affected us at all. We're running just as good now as we were before they opened," said Jack Lill, hotel general manager.

Bill Lady, another hotel owner in the Bay said, "It really hasn't had any impact on me."

Lady and other hotel/motel owners and managers admit they feared the giant luxury hotel might take business away. But, in the end, they say the hotel is good for their business.

"It can have an impact although with their convention center, and they've got a great staff," Lady said. "I think they will sell it with conventions, which does create overflow, and I think in the long run it could actually be a benefit to me more so than a detriment."