Bee Hives Halt Home Construction Project

KILN (WLOX) -- Renovations to Mack Ruffin's home are on hold. There's an unnerving buzz beneath the rafters of the old house.

"Loads of bees. Tons of bees," says the home owner.

Folks who call us often exaggerate. Not this time. We quickly spotted a giant swarm of bees nestled on a large hive.

There are two hives actually. Thankfully a decent zoom lens let us keep a comfortable distance.

"They had been there much longer than I had, so I just left them alone. Then when we started doing this, remodeling the house and putting the siding and all that stuff on, I knew something had to be done with the bees," said Ruffin.

Around the side of the house, we saw the entrance to the largest hive.

"You see em? They're all in that hole there," said Ruffin, pointing to the weathered wood.

Sure enough. The side entryway to the hive was like a busy interstate on ramp.

"The bees have got to go," she said.

But Mack Ruffin is also adamant about not harming the bees. She could easily poison them, but has no intentions of doing that.

"Oh no, no, no. I would like for somebody to come get them. Anybody that wants them," she said.

"I had a man come out here yesterday, he's an elderly man who keeps bees. And he said there was enough bees here for several people. So, I would like for somebody who wants bees or keeps bees to come and get them. I don't want to poison them."

Honey comb fills a 65 gallon gumbo pot. A beekeeper removed a small part of one hive, but failed to get the queen.

It's easy to see why the bees have made her place such a happy home. Walk the property and you'll find blooming flowers and plants everywhere. They're certainly pretty to look at, but for the bees it's a 24 hour buffet.

But despite the ever present blooms for these busy bees, they need a new home.

"They are holding up progress. They are definitely holding up progress," says Ruffin.

If you'd like to help her remove the bees, contact Steve Phillips at (228) 896-2580 and he'll put you in touch.