Heat Warning System About to Start

This weekend's temperatures reached the low 90's on the coast. Fortunately for the players in a weekend baseball tournament, the humidity was low. Still, it gets plenty hot on the field, especially when kids are running around.

"Yeah, you got the heat," said Chris Ladner, an 11-year-old who plays shortstop. "It's hard to stay focused sometimes."

Coaches make sure the kids drink lots of water and cool themselves with wet rags.

"We look at anybody that's you know, hot, looking like they can't go anymore, we pull them out," Coach Jimmy Spears said. "We make changes when we have to."

Doctors say allowing your body to get too hot, and not keeping yourself hydrated could land you in the emergency room.

"As a matter of fact, I have someone here right now [suffering] from heat exhaustion," emergency room physician Dr. Thomas Graves.

Dr. Graves also suggests that parents avoid drinking alcohol.

"It reduces some of your body's natural capabilities of reducing the heat," he said. "Get too much heat in, you've got to get the heat out some way, and it just reduces the body's way to do that."

Although it may already feel like summer, it actually does not officially begin until Friday, June 21.