George County Watermelon Crop Looking Good

There are a total of 220 acres of melons on the property, both irrigated and non-irrigated.

"And even where we have them irrigated you know, you have the water you put there, it doesn't do the same as Mother Nature, " said farmer Mike Courtney.

Courtney says he was glad to see rain over the past few weeks. The long dry spell gave him a scare. About 50 percent of his non irrigated crops were lost.

"It damaged us already, you know the melons are going to be later now and of course they won't never bear as much as they would have if would have gotten the rain earlier," says Courtney.

Despite this season's loss, the harvesting is going well. Courtney Farms distributes about 6,000 melons a day throughout our region. Courtney says that high demand combined with low prices gives farmers confidence in this year's crops.

"The demand is real good and the irrigated melons seem to be making a pretty good crop, so it's gonna be all right I believe. "

Watermelon lovers only have until about the first week of August to enjoy homegrown melons like these; that's when the season ends.