Flag Day Spurs American Pride

Looking around the Coast, flags seem to be flying higher and brighter than ever, and people are saying that flag day makes them proud to be Americans.

Barbara Hettinga is a supervisor at Michael's Arts and Crafts in Gulfport, and she feels that American pride is at an all time high.

"People are coming through the cash registers with a lot of red, white and blue things, and they're buying a lot of flags. You're going to see a lot of flag waving," Hettinga said.

The Gesell's came shopping to Michael's to buy replacement flags for their yard. They say flag day symbolizes freedom.

"It's patriotic, it's believing in your country, it's not something we just started this last year, we've been putting them out for years," John Gesell said.

On June 14th, 1777, the continental congress officially adopted the stars and stripes as our flag. It was 84 years later in 1861 that the first flag day was observed to show support for the army. Today, flag day means support, among other things, to many different people.

"I think it gives us all a chance to be proud of our heritage and kind of remind us all that we are here for a reason, and appreciate what we have in this country," veteran Lewis Warrell said.

"To show that we appreciate our veterans, people who fought in our wars and who helped us, police officers, firemen, and even our parents," said Gary Lee Stumph of Boy Scout Troop 333.

"Ever since 9-11, I wear some type of symbol to show Americanism. I enjoy wearing other pieces of garment like especially today on flag day. I'm proud to be an American, and I'm proud of our flag," Beverly Teston of Gulfport said.

Veteran David Etzold says he's proud of our flag because it's our country, it's what we all fought for, and it's part of America.