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Natural Gas System Work Finished In Waveland

WAVELAND (WLOX) -- In just a matter of months, the detour signs, construction cones and bumpy roadways Waveland residents have endured for nearly two years will be a thing of the past.

"We've taken possession of the new gas system. It's 100 percent complete. We're about 80 percent complete on the water system and about 75 percent complete with the sewer," Mayor Tommy Longo said.

Progress on the sewer system has meant many residents have been taken off of the temporary sewer bladder tanks and reconnected to the city's sewer system.

Jim Mitchell had his tank removed a week ago.

"It signaled to me that we're making progress. It was an eyesore, there's no question about it. It's almost like we got to have a party to say we finally got rid of the bladders," Mitchell said.

Mayor Longo expects the first and second phases of the infrastructure work to be finished by late summer, with phases three and four to start immediately after that.

"This is the guts of it. It's the new transportation lines to the sewer treatment plant. It's 23 new lift stations, it's the massive part of this project. Phase 3 and phase 4 will be bid out in June, probably begin in July, and we hope to wrap those projects up by the first of the year. So we've got a lot of work squeezed in in the last 18 months," Mayor Longo said.

He says he knows the work going on has posed some real challenges for Waveland residents.

"Basically building a city from the ground up - the water, sewer, gas, streets, storm water - was going to be trying. And there have certainly been times that try the community. It weighs on people's patience, but were nearing completion."

Mayor Longo says once the work is complete, the price tag will likely top $200 million. He says FEMA will pick up most of that tab.

By Al Showers

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