Long Beach Harbor Has Slips For Small Boat Owners

LONG BEACH (WLOX) -- If you're looking for a place to dock your small boat, the Long Beach Harbor wants you to consider going there. The harbor was badly damaged in Katrina, but conditions are improving.

Charter boat captain Rick Davis says people wanting to go on fishing trips will find the Long Beach Harbor much more customer friendly than it was right after Hurricane Katrina.

"We have finger piers to where they can board the boat," said Capt. Davis. "Your parking is back and we've got a little bait shop up here, which helps. "

Water and electricity are already back. The Harbor Master says on the way are gas and pump out stations, fishing piers, lights and more.

Harbor Master Calvin Poupart said, "Right now they're in the process of repaving the east wall. They're going to put a walk all the way from the front to the back. On the other side of it, they're going to put paving there for the fishermen to fish off of."

Poupart says the harbor was full of smaller pleasure craft before the hurricane. That's not the case now.

"We've got about 160 slips that we've got full right now," said Poupart. "All the big slips filled. We'd like to rent about 60 smaller slips under 35 foot. We've got spaces for people to rent those."

Harbor officials hope once boat owners get wind of what's been done, and what's coming next, they'll want to dock here. The Long Beach Harbor Master says there are also plans to build two restaurants in the harbor.