Waveland Police: Teen Bank Robber Took Two Hostages

WAVELAND (WLOX) -- A bank robbery in Waveland Friday turned into a hostage situation, then a high speed police chase, but ended with an arrest.

Police say it all began just before noon when a man walked into the Keesler Federal Credit Union on Highway 90 carrying an empty bag and an assault rifle.

"Observed a male come in their bank carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle and demanded money," Waveland Police Chief Jimmy Varnell said.

Jonathan Brown was in the bank cashing his payroll check when the robber came in.

"He came running in through the side door of the bank holding a gun and his black bag, running up to the counter telling everybody, 'It's going to be alright,' he said, as long as the cops didn't get called. He had a bomb strapped to him, he said, and if the cops got called he'd kill everybody in the bank. He said all he wanted was money. He said he was taking two hostages with him, which he did," Brown remembered.

But someone inside the credit union did call the cops. While they were headed to the crime scene, the robber was making his getaway.

"They actually got into one of the tellers' vehicles. He made one of the tellers drive," Chief Varnell said.

Police say he pointed his weapon at the back of the teller's head, and forced her to drive west on Highway 90.

And remember that caller from inside the credit union? It was a retired Gulfport police officer who knew to give dispatchers a good description of the get-away car. Minutes later, a Waveland officer spotted the wanted man.

"Got in pursuit of the vehicle on Kiln-Waveland Cutoff," Varnell said.

Waveland resident Vincent Nash witnessed the chase.

"We heard the sirens in the far off and we knew they were coming this way. So we ran to the front of the building here just in time to catch the car going in a curve, sliding at a high rate of speed and into the ditch. The door opened up and he started running. That's when the police all jumped out of their cars and started cashing after him. They hit him a couple of times with those tasers and he went down," Nash recalled.

"He had the money with him. The bag opened up, there was money flying everywhere out there. We hope we got most of the money back," Varnell said.

Police arrested Daniel Corring, 19, of Waveland and charged him with armed robbery and two counts of kidnapping. He's behind bars under a $2 million bond.

Chief Varnell says the two tellers taken hostage were a little shaken, but will be fine. No one was hurt, which Varnell credits to the responding officers and the dispatchers who gave them direction.

Keesler Federal Credit Union remained closed for the remainder of the day, but it will reopen on Saturday.