Boy Scouts Camp Teaches Life Skills

School may be out, but the time for learning hasn't stopped for some area Boy Scouts.

More than 160 young men are spending the week at a Boy Scouts camp. One of the things the boys are learning is how to handle a firearm the safe way thanks to Bob Dendy.

Every summer Dendy leaves his home in North Mississippi and heads to camp in Biloxi. He is one of 60 volunteers at Camp Wilkes offering his expertise and a helping hand to those who need it.

"I'm out here to work with the kids," Dendy said. "I'm not out here for any personal reason. I'm out here to help them gain knowledge and experience where they can get a better life."

The Scouts chose seven of about 50 different classes. They can learn how to save a drowning victim, apply first aid or shoot a bow and arrow. All, they say are filled with life lessons.

Jeremiah Ingrish has been a Scout since he was 10. "I was more rambunctious but I've calmed down more."

The boys will have a written test in each class even in activities like archery and fishing. The tests are designed to strengthen their skills and their minds.

Camp coordinator Paul Klobe says scouting has turn boys into community minded men since the early 1900s.

"If you look at a lot of the leaders around the county and around the coast they are Eagle Scouts. It helps them to build good moral characters and it makes them good leaders."

Next week Camp Wilkes will welcome the Cub Scouts.

By Danielle Thomas