Former Submarine Lieutenant Rides For A Good Cause

BILOXI (WLOX) -- "I was in Pearl Harbor for three years on a fast attack submarine," said Former Navy Lieutenant Jeff Greene.

It seems if you keep a young Lieutenant in a submarine long enough, he's liable to do almost anything when he's let out.

"The whole start of this plan was on the submarine. You know, six month deployments in a small steel tube, really wanting to feel that wind in my hair," said Greene.

Now Jeff Greene is getting plenty of wind on his long ride home.

"I started from San Diego, California and I'm heading to Buffalo, New York," said Green.

His 4500 mile journey across 14 states included a stop through South Mississippi Sunday. It's his first, first- hand look at what Hurricane Katrina did while he was serving in the Pacific.

"Just seeing the devastation first hand and two years after the fact, it's been pretty amazing to see," said Greene.

But this is more than a sight seeing mission for Greene, although he's enjoying the sights.

"Yeah I'm having a lot of fun, and really meeting all the people in the different cities I stay in has really been the best part of the trip," said Greene.

His mission is raising money for his favorite charity, The Red Cross, that he worked with as a blood drive coordinator at a base in Omaha, Nebraska.

"I decided to incorporate a fund raiser for the Omaha and Buffalo, New York Red Cross chapters. And so far I've raised almost $10,000 for them," said Greene.

It seems when it comes to serving his country, Jeff Greene doesn't know when to quit.

"I figured this would be a good life goal to complete before I settle down and start a family and all that,"  said Greene.