Pastor Celebrates 50 Years In Ministry

HELENA (WLOX) -- He's nicknamed the Energizer bunny. For 50 years, Dr. Robbie Howard has been going strong in the ministry. His daughter, Cathy Sellers, said wherever his travels take him, he brings the spirit of joy along with him.

"He has an old saying, I'm sure we've probably all heard it. The way to spell joy is Jesus Others and Yourself, and he truly lives that," said daughter Cathy Sellers.

His selfless sprit has touched many throughout his five decades of service, including those he helped lead to the ministry.

"This week as we've celebrated, a lot of ministers have come through that he's led to Christ, and they've been all over the world ministering," said Gary Hanning, a cousin and church member.

From the Cayman Islands to Brazil, Howard has traveled all over to spread the gospel and help those in need. Those who know and love him say wherever he goes, he lights up the room.

"I just believe in what the bible says: a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. And that's what I try to practice, just having fun and believing in Jesus as the savior," said Howard.

Howard's loving nature and commitment to service is why people say he will continue to have their support for years to come.

"Our family's proud of him and what he's accomplished with 50 years in the ministry," said Hanning.