Tax Deadline Quickly Approaching

HARRISON COUNTY (WLOX) -- April 15th is the deadline to file your federal tax return, but every year millions of people miss it.

"Waiting til the very end, all that does is build the frustration and anticipation," said tax preparer Ed Jones.

He says those who can't meet the deadline should file an extension. However, he warns an extension won't ease your burden if you owe the IRS.

"The clock starts on April 15th. So the longer you take, if you owe money, you're going to have what you owe plus whatever penalties and interest the IRS wants to levy on it," Jones said.

That's why the IRS says people should file electronically. It's fast, it's accurate, it's easy and many of the programs automatically check for errors.

However, if you do file a paper return, be sure that it is error free and that you've signed all the pages.

"There's always that unknown thing that comes up. A social security number didn't match or a birthday didn't match and it causes a reject," Jones said.

Now that the deadline is right around the corner, many businesses are extending their hours, including the IRS Tax Center on Old Highway 49. That way they can help south Mississippians avoid the harsh penalties of Uncle Sam.

The IRS also says a delay in filing your tax return will also mean a delay in receiving your stimulus check. So whether your looking for a refund or simply looking to avoid a bigger IRS bill, time is running out for you to file your return.

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