German Art And Culture Coming To Mississippi In 2004

An exhibit featuring baroque artwork from Germany will be on display in Jackson in March 2004, officials said.

Martin Roth, director general of the State Art Collections Dresden and Jack Kyle, director of the Mississippi Commission for International and Cultural Exchange Inc., signed an agreement for the exhibit Tuesday.

Roth said the exhibit will help strengthen cultural ties between the United States and Germany.

"We are the heirs to the same civilization,'' Roth said. "Our histories have diverged, yet we seek to live by the same ideals.''

The exhibit, titled Glory of Baroque Dresden will be displayed at the Mississippi Arts Pavilion, Kyle said. It will feature over 300 pieces dating from 1697 to 1763.

Included will be paintings by Rembrandt; porcelain from the Zwinger museum; and the Dresden Green Diamond, the world's only large diamond know to have a natural green color.

"If not the finest, it certainly will be one of the top art attractions in the U.S. in 2004,'' Kyle said.