Summer Camps Kick Off On Coast

This summer, more than 50 boys will be spending time at Beauvoir, marching in drills, dressing up as Confederate soldiers, and learning about the history of the flag. This Summer History Camp takes youngsters back to 19th century America.

"It's about living history and appreciation of history," Instructor Tom Adams said. "The whole intent is to make them appreciate that very important part of our history from 1860's and give them a little flavor of what life was like back then."

Many of the young men keep coming back year after year. Henry Pippin, 12, is attending his fifth camp at Beauvoir.

"A lot of my ancestors died in the war, and I just want to come out here and show respect to them," Pippin said. "I think this camp means a lot to them, and I think if they were alive today, they would be very proud of me."

Beauvoir also offers something for the young ladies. The Charm School teaches the girls about Southern etiquette, dance and gives them a chance to dress up like Southern Bells.

"We play history, we just don't just sit there and read about it," 15-year-old Mary Virginia Bartlett said. "We tour the house, which is an actual artifact, so it's not just taking it out of a book."

Children also get hands-on history lessons at the Sea and Sail Adventure camp at the Seafood Industry Museum.

"We teach them to throw a cast net, we give them tours of the museum, we teach them the history of the seafood industry, and they go out on a working shrimp boat," camp director Sonja Covacevich said.

"My mom wanted me to go to another camp, but I told her that I wanted to go to this camp because I heard from some of my friends that it was really cool," 10-year-old Jarrod Bigott said.

Beauvoir is offering five camp sessions this summer. The newest camp is called History Through the Arts. And the Seafood Industry Museum offers seven camp sessions every summer.