Supervisors Put Off Decision Concerning Dogs On The Beach

Harrison County Supervisors have tabled a request to open up certain areas of the beach to dogs.

The supervisors said at its meeting Monday that they need time to study a report presented by Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver.

Weaver told the board it needs to decide about registration fees, and when and where dogs might be allowed on the beach.

While supervisors were debating the dog issue, a WLOX News crew spotted Harrison County's beach patrol writing a courtesy citation to an Olive Branch family. Family members told us they brought their two dogs out to the beach, so they could play in the sand. They had no idea dogs were banned from 26 miles of beach.

"We were out here all day yesterday with the dogs and had no problem," Rena Ozment said. "It really surprises me because I don't know what a dog would actually hurt being out here. They enjoy it just like we do."

Harrison County supervisors will consider changing the dog ban on the beach at their first meeting in July.

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