Woman Wins Fight To Keep Flower Garden

A Pascagoula woman will be allowed to keep her flower garden, despite the housing authorities new policy to do away with yard gardens.

Ann Parson and dozens of supporters were told the good news after a 45 minute meeting with the regional housing director Monday morning.

Parson has been a resident at the Bayou Cumbest housing complex for the last 18 years and has always maintained a garden. The housing board adopted a new policy earlier this year, that forbids residents from growing flowers or plants in their yards.

Crews were set to remove the garden Monday morning.

Parson says she is overjoyed by the decision that saved her garden.

"They mean a lot to me, a whole lot because I always walk around here in my yard and I can clip the dead flowers off and I sit back and look at my flowers. My flowers just mean a lot to me," Parson said.

The board says it will work with residents on a new plan regarding the best ways to grow and develop gardens in the future.

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