Man Speaks Out About Biloxi Robberies

BILOXI (WLOX) -- Police are investigating two robberies that happened in the same city in less than hour, in broad daylight.

What started out as a day of shopping left one person beat up and broke at a Dollar General parking lot on Cedar Lake Road. Police say someone robbed and assaulted a woman who was on her way to her car.

Just minutes later, Johnny Swiney was the victim of robbery and assault.

"All they said was, 'We want your money, we want your money,'" Swiney said.

The 69-year-old lives in the Pine Haven Trailer Park in Woolmarket, a neighborhood residents say is fairly calm.

"It's quiet. Don't nothing go on out here. It's peaceful, it's quiet, it's country," said Chris Holliman.

Holliman's family has lived in the neighborhood for more than three years. That's why he was shocked when he learned what happened on his street.

"It worries me a little bit that people would walk in somebody's house and rob them like that," said Holliman.

That's exactly what happened Saturday afternoon when two men knocked on Joseph Swiney's door asking to use the phone. Swiney says when he turned around to give the men the phone, they snatched the phone out of his hand and hit him in the mouth with it. Leaving him with a busted lip, broken teeth and a bloody shirt.

He says the men got away with some cash, but if they ever come back, he will be ready.

Sergeant Jackie Rhodes say police are working on some leads, but right now they won't say if the robberies are related.

In the meantime, police are urging south Mississippians to be aware of your surrounding no matter what time of day. And if you see anyone suspicious, go to an area where there are lots of people. Finally, don't try to fight off your attacker. Simply give them what they want.