Head On Collision Leaves One Dead

HARRISON COUNTY (WLOX) -- Cardenas Cruz, 23, is dead after a head on car crash and now the Harrison County Sheriff's Department is trying to figure out who's at fault.

It happened around 10:30 Saturday night. Deputies say they responded to a call at Canal Road near Tillman Road where two trucks collided.

The scene was a messy one. There were tools scattered across the roads and two mangled trucks. One truck shouldn't have even been on the road.

"They took my truck. It was locked up and everything. They found the keys to it and here it is in the middle of the road," said Mike McGill, the owner of McGill's Pumping Service.

McGill says former employee Romon Cornejo used the truck without his permission.

"He'd been working for me 'bout four months, and Friday I didn't need him no more," McGill said.

He didn't need him as an employee, but he did allow him to temporarily live on his property. That's how McGill says the 30-year-old was able to get the keys to a company truck, pick up a friend, and go out on what he called "a joyride."

The night out left Cardenas Cruz of Mexico dead and Romon Cornejo in jail facing DUI charges. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly who's at fault in the deadly weekend crash.