Coast Revs Up For Smokin' The Sound

BILOXI (WLOX) -- The Biloxi Sound turned into a racetrack for the nation's fastest boats while spectators awed over the boats whizzing by. This was only a test drive. This year's race has special meaning for George Marie.

"I'm a die hard Smokin' the Sound fan. I buried my brother the other day. I was just wishing he was with here with me," said New Orleans native George Marie.

Marie says he and his late brother shared a love for each other and fast boats. It's a passion George Marie hopes to pass along to his son Marlow. It was Marlow's first time at Smokin' the Sound.

"It's awesome, especially, the memory of Al Copeland and everything," Marlow Marie said.

The event was also a first for Ned and Sean Quinn. Ned was visiting his son, Sean, who's a Navy Seabee. The inclimate weather was actually the reason why the father and son decided to check out Smokin' the Sound.

"It rained this morning, and golf was out of the question," Sean Quinn said.

"I haven't quite figured out what they've been doing. Just having good family time, huh?" Ned said.

His son, Sean had it all figured out, though.

"It's drag racing on the water, turn and burn," Sean said.

Race enthusiasts were perched on the Isle of Capri's parking garage for a high vantage point, and on docks and boats along the race track course, all in hopes of catching a glimpse of the big race to come Sunday. The main race is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will run on an 8-mile track, which begins in front of the Isle of Capri. It has turns in the Biloxi Channel, near the Beau Rivage and the East End of Deer Island.