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Cleaning Up Bayside Park

WAVELAND (WLOX) -- One community is taking a hands on approach to get people to move back into a Hancock County neighborhood.

Saturday morning, the Bayside Park Builders Association kicked off a massive clean-up effort in the 30-year-old community.  

"There's more houses being built in this little community right now than anywhere up and down the Mississippi Coast," said John Spitler with the Bayside Park Builders Association.

The organization is spearheading renovations in the Hancock County neighborhood.

"The sad part was through the neighborhoods after Katrina you had beautiful little brick homes and then two houses over an abandoned trailer that had been destroyed by the hurricanes,"  Spitler says.

He says Bayside Park never fully recovered from Hurricane Camille, and after Katrina it became a dumping ground for all sorts of debris.

David McNeal agrees. The worker says while cleaning up the neighborhood, he found everything from tires to doors.

"I think people did it out of convenience, just throw it over the fence or whatever. Hopefully this changes that. You see it clean now, you don't throw it over the fence," McNeal said.

Along with cleaning up the property, builders have already added new signage to the front of the community. There are also more than 300 affordable homes being built at the same time. That's something this group believes will make people want to make Bayside Park the place they call home.

Builders say the average cost of a brand new home in Bayside Park is between $120,000 and $150,000. The average cost for a lot is about $10,000. There are about 4,000 available lots in Bayside Park.

by Elise Roberts

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