Lucimarian Roberts Named Woman of Achievement

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- The line was long to greet Lucimarian Roberts, the crowd diverse -- a living testimony to the countless lives touched in a positive way by the Pass Christian retired educator and community leader.

Accolades came from a number of people, including former Governor Ray Mabus. But perhaps the greatest praise she received throughout the night was from her children. One even burst into song.

"When people often ask us how we have done as well we all have, by being responsible human beings, it has nothing to do with what we do. We know right from wrong. We are Christians, and we are family. The key to our success is being the children of Lawrence and Lucimarian Roberts," said daughter Robin Roberts.

Upon accepting the award, Lucimarian Roberts, as she's often known to do, shifted the focus on others and offered words of encouragement.

"Each one of us has a talent. God gave each one of us a talent. We're all different, but he gave each one a gift, and some of us have not unwrapped the Gift. But if you unwrap it and you are willing to share it, there are so many places that need you, they need that talent," Lucimarian Roberts said.