Gautier Leaders Considering Zoning Changes

Charles Kiesling has lived in a mobile home on Laura Glenn Road for more than a year. He says a zone change in the area would keep people like him from having a place to start out.

"I only have about two more years of payments on the property and then I'll start building a home. I don't see where people should have it taken from them. They need a chance to start out just as well as I do," Kiesling said.

According to Planning Director, Ralph Hode, the proposed zoning change covers about a square mile from Hastings Street to Broadmoor Drive in North Gautier. If the area is changed from R-3 to R-1, no more mobile homes would be allowed to come to the area.

"There are mixed concerns. There are people who for example, reside in mobile homes that want assurances that they're going to be allowed to stay there, which they will. There are also people who own property up there that are perhaps hesitant to spend money, investments on a home in there, " Hode said.

Residents like Kristen Allman are hoping that the change is approved. She and her parents live right next door to a mobile home.

"They've been trying to sell this house for about three years now, but all the trailers being around it brings down the property value," Allman said.

City leaders say the proposed zoning change is part of a comprehensive plan to look at both the old part of the city, and the newly annexed areas. They will look at more changes in the future.