Building Back Better

Have you seen this new gas station across from Beau Rivage? It's one of the few convenience stores we've seen in South Mississippi with an exterior façade that tries to blend into its community.

It looks fantastic and it's a reminder to us that all businesses should do more to make sure their designs depict the feel of the neighborhood. A dentist office on Pass Road in Gulfport certainly meets this standard.

Here's the point. Companies don't have to wait for smart codes to be adopted to be good neighbors. Governor Barbour wants us to rebuild the coast bigger and better.

To us that means taking the time to make sure buildings fit the character of the neighborhood. The Clark convenience store on Highway 90 in downtown Biloxi meets that standard. Let's hope it becomes a model for future developers who are determined to help us rebuild South Mississippi.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager