Gulfport Parishioners Pray For Rodi

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- The news of Bishop Rodi's appointment is affecting people all over South Mississippi. Parishioners at St. James Catholic Church say they will never forget Rodi's service to the community.

Wednesday, Mass at St. James was like any other week. Parishioners gathered to pray and partake in holy communion, observing the sacrifice of Christ by remembering his unselfishness. It's that same kind of giving spirit these parishioners say they will miss in Bishop Rodi.

"He's done a lot for this community and a lot for the diocese and you know it was like wow he's getting ready to leave us," said Leigh Adamson, a life long member of St. James.

She says she was shocked when she learned that Bishop Rodi would accept a new position as the Archbishop of Mobile.

"I'm happy, but then I'm sort of sad that he's going," Adamson said.

Members of the parish say from day one, Bishop Rodi began forming relationships that will never be forgotten.

They say Rodi was always very friendly and remained at the forefront of the diocese. That's why they say they will continue to pray for him as he embarks on his new journey.