Road Rage Defendant Leaves Jail

Vanessa Coursey was laughing and smiling as was wheeled from the Harrison County jail where she has been behind bars since May 31st.

Coursey is being treated for numerous broken bones and internal injuries, and she will live in Gulfport with her 3-year-old daughter's grandmother. Coursey's attorney says she doesn't remember the accident that killed the child and injured her 14-month-old daughter.

"I did try to question her while ago and get some input of the accident," Ed Ellis said. "She was not able to respond to me. She could not remember anything that had occurred."

What occurred according to the Highway Patrol is that Coursey was driving south on Highway 49 on May 15th when she rammed another car. Both drivers lost control, and Coursey and her two daughters were thrown from the car. Cynthia Coursey, 3, died a few days later. Her younger daughter was also injured.

Ellis admits road rage accidents tread on new legal ground, and he admits defending Coursey will be challenging.

"It's a new type criminal defense that is occurring on the roads now, so I don't think anyone really knows, or how to handle the defense, but it's one you're just going to have to sit down and probably work on," Ellis said.

Coursey wouldn't answer questions as she left the jail. Her mother says Coursey's 14-month-old daughter is doing fine and so is the family.

"Yes, all things considered, yes ma'am," Nancy Coursey said.

Coursey's attorney says the next step is presenting the case to a grand jury which will decide if the 20-year-old should be indicted on manslaughter and aggravated assault charges.