Couple Share Vision For Trademark Biloxi Shrimp Tour

BILOXI (WLOX) -- For more than half a century, tourists and locals alike have taken the legendary Biloxi Shrimp Tour, a 70 minute boat tour that ventures out into the Mississippi Sound. It's considered just as educational as it is fun for the whole family.

For the first time in years, there's a new couple at the helm, Mike and Brandy Moore. The Biloxi natives share a love of the water and the Biloxi Shrimp Tour business. Very little has changed since the Moores took over the tour in February.

"What we do is what the Eleuteriuses did. We go out on the water. We drop the net over and explain the parts of the net, and after we explain the parts of the net you take a twenty minute drag and every drag's different. You never know what you're going to get," said Mike Moore.

The Moores share the same passion their predecessors did for the Shrimp Tour. And they hope the business will be a legacy they pass on to their own young children.

"We can be together for one. We can do it as a family business we have two smaller children we hope will be interested in it. We can spend time together, and this could be what we do in our old age and retirement."

But for the time being, they just hope to carry on the traditional tour that's a Biloxi trademark just as the Eleuteriuses did.

"We feel honored they asked us, and we want to keep this dream alive," Brandy said.

There is one minor change for the time being. The Shrimp Tour Boat is now docked at Point Cadet Marina. It will return to the Biloxi Small Craft harbor once repairs at the harbor are complete. That's expected to happen some time this summer.