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Visitors Near and Far Weigh In On Katrina Museum

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- While some of the images at the museum convey the darkest days of coast history, they tell a story of survival and resilience.

Don Corbin and Ed Brust are from Iowa. They visit the coast during the colder months to play golf in South Mississippi. But on this day, they laid down their clubs to check out the beating Katrina dealt to our area.

"What I've seen so far, especially the film in here, gives us a really good look at the power of a storm, which we would never know in Iowa. We get tornadoes, but nothing like this. It's like a war zone," Corbin said.

While browsing the museum, the Iowa snowbirds ran into Henrietta Click, a woman who is closely related to heroes of the storm. Her son, Pat Sullivan, is the Gulfport Fire Chief and her grandson, Brian Sullivan, was working as a firefighter during Katrina. Their pictures are shown in two of the museum's displays.

As any mother or grandmother would, Henrietta feels a sense of pride that her son and grandson's rescue and recovery efforts are forever chronicled.

"I don't know what kind of emotion except for wonder, and how we survived what we did. How did people survive a lot of things that they did? It just proves that you never can tell what day is yours," Click said.

As for Don Corbin, he will take home the images of one of the nation's most devastating natural disasters and the unforgettable faces of people he calls resilient.

"This isn't the first, and it's not going to be the last, but I think the people here have a spirit that everybody needs to have - willing to take a hit, get back up and go at it again. And you see that all along the coast here," Corbin said.

The museum is located on the first floor of the Hancock Bank Building in downtown Gulfport. It's free and open to the public.

By Toni Miles

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