Weed Woes In Downtown Gulfport

GULFPORT (WLOX)  -- Some business owners in downtown Gulfport aren't happy with the look of the city. However, they aren't complaining about neglected buildings or lack of business. They're talking about the number of weeds along city sidewalks.

"I just feel that we need to move on. It's spring, let's get the weeds out and clean up," says Louise Bell, a business owner in the downtown district.

Bell says she loves the city, but what she doesn't like is the neglect from neighboring business owners. It's a problem she now blames on the city of Gulfport.

"This is the poor end of 14th Street and for that reason, there's nobody here. If I were a prospective property buyer in downtown Gulfport, I think I would like to drive in and at least see the streets clean," Bell said.

At least once a week, Bell is spraying and pulling up weeds from nearby sidewalks. A task she says isn't her responsibility. That's why she's hoping the city will step up to do more when it comes to cleaning up weeds on her street.

However, Lisa Bradley with Gulfport's Main Street Association says the city is on schedule with its landscaping plans.

"I think it's a little early to call it a weed problem. This is the beginning of the weed season," Bradley said.

She says the city has been focusing on planting and that it's not uncommon for business owners to have to do a little extra maintenance.

"That's what being part of a downtown is about. It's a district. It's like a shopping center. You would never allow the sidewalk in front of shopping center to be dirty or weeds to grow. You take care of that yourself," Bradley said.

The city's beautification workers are making their way throughout Gulfport and will continue working on a regular ten day cycle. However, if you have a specific landscaping issue that needs to be addressed, you can call Lisa Bradley at (228) 575-7794.